Yota phones are one of the most amazing devices you will ever come across. The Russian manufacturer today launched a better version of their previous phones promising better performance, a few changes in the software plus a new black on white design.

The handset is a limited edition with 4.7-inch e-ink display, to make things more interesting and enjoyable and what more it is on the back of the phone.

The new phone easily lets to manage the back covers and applications displayed on the e-ink screen.



One of the good things about this new model is that it allows you to easily customize the rear covers and application that are displayed on the e-ink screen. One of the most used features that took six steps to me completed now can be done with the help of just a few taps.

It even has new widgets to make better use of the Electronic Paper Display. Like, it has a new widget to keep you in touch with your Gmail inbox, YotaEnergy to let you know how much you have consumed your battery, YotaNotes to organize your daily tasks or lists and YotaSports (powered by EuroSport).


It also has new widgets for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep you in touch with your social circle. It has Musixmatch music and a Yota Fitness to monitor all your movements.

The purpose of implementing all the the updates on the back cover is not just that it’s the gadget’s primary differentiator from the other phones being offered in the market, yet that it’s likewise the fundamental offering purpose of the telephone itself.

The purpose of providing more updates on the e-ink screen is that you use it more so that the battery last longer. We all know everyone loves to have a phone that has a good battery backup.

A representative said that the white Yota Phone 2 running the new OS should last no less than two entire days for heavy users and can outlive some other leader cell phone available by around three times.


When you do flip the telephone over to utilize the front screen, you’ll discover Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and the standard offerings of Google features and services.

The new cost of £440 (around $680); the YotaPhone 2 initially went marked down at £555. The telephone is accessible from today through the YotaPhone site.