Start Menu

Windows 10

Windows 10 gives penance for one of Windows 8’s most prominent sins by giving back where its due menu to its legitimate spot in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop. Yet rather than concentrating on desktop applications only, Window 10 Start Menu blends in the Metro Start screen’s usefulness, showing Live Tiles of Window 8-style applications alongside alternate routes to more customary PC software.

You can turn off that Live Tile functions if you are more comfortable without it, and even remove all the applications from the Start menu, returning it to simply desktop-centered eminence. Alternately you can decide to have the Start menu extended to view it in full size, or resize the applications to give a Windows 8 sort of experience. That depends on you!!!

Windowed Metro Applications

Windows 10

As you may have gotten on at this point, those berated Metro applications from Windows 8 haven’t been destroyed however they have been shaped to fit according to the desktop size. When you run an application on Windows 10 on your PC it opens in a desktop window, rather than opening it in a full screen mood. The windows applications have a mouse-cooperative toolbar of choices over the top, which you can modify according to the size of your screen. Sounds pretty helpful!!

It’s not all roses—you can’t cut and paste content from a Metro application to an ordinary application, for occasion, and Metro applications still have a tendency to waste a large amount of space. However it’s an immense change over Windows 8.

Screen Sizes

Windows 10

Yes, Windows 10 is tremendously enhanced on PCs, however Microsoft kept in mind about touchscreen clients. As of Build 9926, Windows 10 incorporates a convenient “Continuum” offer that alterably switches the interface between the PC-accommodating desktop and a Windows 8-like mode that is friendlier for fingers, contingent upon how you’re utilizing the gadget.

Windows tablets will default to the recent; PCs to the previous. What’s more half and halves will astutely switch between the two modes relying upon whether you have a console connected. In tablet mode, the Start menu extends to fit the full screen, as do Metro applications. On the off chance that you’d like to drive a switch, the new Action Center has a devoted “Tablet Mode” catch that you can empower or debilitate without restraint.

Notifications Center 

Windows 10

Notifications are one of the coolest gimmicks of advanced working frameworks, with popups helping you to remember numerous types of helpful data and Windows 10 gives all this for the convenient of the user.

As Cortana gets to be all the more hard coordinated into Windows 10, expect to see the Action Center turn into a store of valuable data (instead of the to a degree desolate no man’s land that it is at this time).


Windows 10

Cortana, Microsoft’s astute computerized collaborator on Windows Phone 8.1, makes the hop to PCs with Windows 10, where she expects control of the working framework’s pursuit capacities. Cortana will need to get to your personal information, then utilize that data alongside her Bing-controlled cloud smarts to wisely surface data you’re looking and perform other accommodating jobs.

Cortana can help you call a mate, plan an update, set a caution, check your schedule, analyze stocks, and then some, all by means of common dialect questions you ask utilizing content or voice orders. Cortana can likewise apply those regular dialect smarts to utilize look your hard commute, Onedrive, and business system for records that meet certain channels, in the same way as “Discover me pictures from May.”

Cortana is simply awesome but the initial built up can be quiet hectic.