One more week, another form of Windows 10 mobile. This time the Windows group is demonstrating phone and tablet clients some adoration by bringing in some new cool features for the mobile.


Most prominently phones that have a 5 inches or larger screen now will be able to access a one-handed mode. It work the same way as of Apple’s implementation; squeezing and holding the start button will bring about your screen to slide down so you can reach the top of the gadget. At that point repeat the same activity or tap the clear space at the top point of the screen to come back to normal mode.

Windows 10 Mobile

On Android, this component is just available on specific gadgets through producer customizations – you’ll need to utilize two hands or work some finger aerobatic on stock Android. Since Microsoft doesn’t permit outsiders to have the same sort of control over the OS, it’s decent to see it putting the component into the OS of course.


Windows 10 Mobile previously did launch a one-handed keyboard for its phones that had large screens, making sure that people knew Microsoft thinks one handed usability is important for windows 10. You can try this feature by simply swiping left or right on the space bar.

There are a few more changes made in the overall design; refined UI components, text style and symbol changes and also execution upgrades to the camera application are incorporated.

Windows 10 Mobile


On the other hand Cortana’s design is almost ready as well, and now backs following your flights and bundles a well as alerts when going home, work and the airplane terminal. She’ll additionally now answer to inquiries regarding the climate, currency, stock quotes and more inline.


To know more about the latest Windows 10 features you can check the official Microsoft’s blog post here.