In the event that you haven’t been heard the most recent WhatsApp news, this may come as somewhat of a shock to you. Blorge, a German site called Macerkopf as of late uncovered that WhatsApp will soon have the video calling features.


In spite of most clients anticipating that the said feature should come sooner than later, the screenshots gave on the site conveyed another flood of plan to WhatsApp clients. The reputed highlight is relied upon to dispatch by January 2016, and, notwithstanding that, the new WhatsApp upgrade will likewise have the tabbed interface. In spite of the fact that there are no screenshots to demonstrate that the tabbed interface will be undoubtedly included, it is relied upon to show up on the next WhatsApp overhaul.

The screenshots given are obviously taken from the beta rendition of WhatsApp overhaul, which is presently under inward testing and has not been discharged to the general population in any structure. The WhatsApp organization has not given their formal proclamation about the spilled pictures, however if they in the end consider including the video calling highlight, WhatsApp may be the ideal contender to Skype.

The WhatsApp video calling highlight might likewise incorporate various chat tabs that permit the client to switch inside of tabs.

The new video calling feature of WhatsApp will altogether build the quantity of WhatsApp clients instantly. Right now, even with no video calling feature close behind, there are more than 900 million clients of WhatsApp.

Facebook right now claims WhatsApp, gaining it for $22 billion in the previous year. From that point forward, the application has prospered under the new organization’s supervision. As well-known as it may appear, the video calling highlight of WhatsApp appears like an inaccessible endeavor previously, however with the new arrangement of bits of gossip joined by screenshots, soon clients can really appreciate it.