WhatsApp is among the finest cross stage messaging application ever. Presently WhatsApp emissary keeps on being a crucial piece of our life because of its ability of sending and accepting unlimited messages at pace in addition to a User Interface that is clean, making the WhatsApp among the best informing customer.


These days everybody utilizes WhatsApp day by day whether its understudy utilizes it for Chatting with its mates for having a great time or a representative uses to send some immediate message to his clients, as people are significantly more dynamic on WhatsApp genuinely on any Social systems administration locales or E sends. In this way, this implies there’s heaps of trade of messages on WhatsApp day by day.


On the other hand, what on the off chance that you have incidentally erased your messages which were extremely important to you, WhatsApp allows you to recover them with ease. So today I will depict exactly how to recoup WhatsApp  Chat in your Android Smartphone.


WhatsApp messages data is saved in Phone memory of Android phones. These messages are recovered by us by doing some basic steps. WhatsApp takes reinforcement normal at 4 AM mechanically. Those messages can be restored by us basically which are carried out till that time. Here is the regulated methodology to recover your erased WhatsApp messages.

  • Go to your Android mobile Settings and tab on the Application option and click on WhatsApp.
  • It would display a warning message for the time being hit OK and clear data. For now you have deleted all data.
  • Now go back and run your WhatsApp application again since you have deleted all your data it will show the initial configuration of the screen.
  • In the next step you will have to enter your Mobile number and simply tab the restore button.
  • When it is done you will be able to see all your messages right away.