A year ago, I wore a model of the XOO belt – a wearable battery for your cell phone. It contained adaptable batteries that implied it worked simply like a typical belt however with the expansion of a discrete cable you could use to charge your telephone on the go. It was a perfect but it was too expensive when it came to producing large quantity.

Ion belt

Designers Nifty (additionally known for the MiniDrive) retreated to the planning phase. They’ve worked together with a US-based group drove by creator and Shark Tank alum Aaron Krause to make a second-era item called the Ion Belt. It’s launched on Kickstarter hoping to raise $50,000.

The new, lower expense design brags a bigger 3,000 man battery, and the buckle is intended to connect right to a USB charger, making it simple to energize the belt when it’s run dry.

Ion Belt

To decrease the expense, an alternate kind of battery has been utilized contrasted with the XOO. The previous model, with its adaptable batteries, has turned into a $499 high-design item while the Ion Belt is accessible to Kickstarter supporters for $89 and will retail for around $130. It’s planned to dispatch in June 2016.