Sharp has shown Super Hi-Vision 8K TV before (as seen at CES 2015), yet today in Japan it declared an 85-inch TV that will go on sale on October 30th. Named the LV-85001, it’s a monitor (it has a tuner so you could call it a TV, however that can’t really get 8K feature) for expert use only, for the most part since there aren’t generally any channels to watch in 8K. Coming in at 16 times the determination of 1080p screens, the 7,680 x 4,320 pixel LCD board uses Sharp’s IGZO innovation. To really observe any 8K feature, you’ll have to connect to every one of the four of its HDMI inputs just to have enough data transmission. In case you’re wondering (and is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t be, despite the fact that there’s nothing to watch), simply contact Sharp’s business-to-business deals unit, and bring along a check for 16,000,000 yen, or about $133,034 US.


Obviously, it’s not really time to toss your 4K (or in case you’re truly old fashioned, 1080p) HDTV aside. Ultra HD Blu-Ray videos in 4K are still practically around the bend, and really conveying 8K TV feature is still a couple of years away. Testing out shows is one thing experts can really do with this new TV, and Japan’s NHK has been chipping away at the innovation for quite a long time. Open tests could begin as right on time as one year from now, and the first shows are booked for 2018. 8k TV might become reality around 2020 so don’t worry you don’t have to throw away your old TV as yet.