Sometimes, it is very difficult to choose laptop or tablet when you are purchasing next device. We are giving ten reasons to pick a tablet instead of laptop.

1. Better Portability:  One of the best advantage is portability, even you can put tablet inside of your jacket pocket with same laptop functionality. Moreover, Most of the Tablet’s weight is very lighter than laptop.

2. Uniformity (Avoid Pirated Software):  You can install legal windows software and features as you use in laptop.

3. Usability:  Using tablet, it is possible to use external devices including projector, larger screen, keyboard, scanner, printer etc.

4. Easy Orientation:  Tablet help to use any orientation using accelerometer. Tablet screen automatically convert into landscape and portrait itself.

5. Device Compatibility:  It provides device compatibility with usual accessories i.e. mice, keyboard, flash devices/drives etc.

tablet vs laptop
tablet vs laptop

6. Larger display:  Using HDMI, user can connect to a larger display if you feel that screen is limited (better for video)

7. Wireless connectivity:  Tables provides wireless connectivity including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G support (most of tablets provides these features).

8. Dual cameras (front and back):  Most of the tablets come with dual cameras for photos and video.

9. MicroUSB charging:  Most of the tablets come with MicroUSB charging facility. It removes charger dependency. You can charge laptop using laptop, power banks as well (power banks use as backup charging device for tablets and mobiles)

10. One TB cloud data storage and Light weight:  Many tablets come with a year of One TB cloud data storage and a one year subscription to Office-365.

Thank you for reading