We all know that Sony is a well known brand when it comes to smart devices, cameras and other house hold electronics but this time they came up with a new gadget in a form of e-ink watch. E Ink (electrophoretic ink) is a specific proprietary type of electronic paper manufactured by E Ink Corporation. Sony has labeled their brand as FES Watch (Fashion Entertainments Watch). The watch has been on Makuake a Japanese co-founding website for a number of months to check if this watch was appealing enough for the people and the response was overwhelming. The device had a goal to fund 8500 dollars and eventually it managed to raise a little more than 20000 dollars. From the apparent looks this watch seems like a big hit.


Steward Mills who is an expert in these types of watches says this watch is an amazing thing. According to him FES will play an important role in the fashion technology next year when it is launched. Having a big phone is a different thing but if you are wearing these sorts of things the main thing is they should look good.[sc:breakline ]
The watch along with its strips is made up of the same e paper. Most of the times this technology is used to make pads which are used for reading books like Amazons Kindle.  This means that you would be able to buy this watch in different styles.[sc:breakline ]
The main feature of this thin device which looks like just a traditional wristwatch appears to be the fact that it uses e-ink to change of its wrist band as well as its interface. The device battery is expected to last for almost 60 days.[sc:breakline ]
Looking at the demonstration video, the device changed different colors from light colored to dark. The watch comes with a 24 design patterns. During its promotion under the brand name Fashion Technology they did not reveal that they were working under Sony because they want to know the real worth of this watch.[sc:breakline ]
FES was being offered at $167 on the crowd-funding site. FES will hit the market in May 2015 although there is no official statement from Sony on this matter and it is yet to be known whether it will be broadly accessible as a commercial product.