It’s not covered in gold, but rather Samsung’s latest screen – a monitor this time – packs remote charging for cellular telephones (and other Qi-that can also be used with gadgets.

Samsung monitors

(Yes, it would be pretty useful if you had this monitor in your office… in the event that you have a wireless charging telephone.) The full-HD 24-inch S24E370DL and 27-inch S27E370DS display accompanies AMD’s gaming tech and also 178-degree viewing angles which is really helpful. Samsung has yet to decide when or which country it is going to start shipping out these monitors, but rather we’d anticipate that it will show up (some place!) before the year’s over.Expect a consistent stream of new items from the organization: it’s preparing for Europe’s greatest hardware show, IFA, which will take place in September. Samsung coolers! Clothes washers! Conceptual laptops! What’s more, perhaps another Galaxy cell phone. In case they are in the mood.