Roku :You can as of now get to your Dropbox documents on every one of your PCs and mobile devices, yet imagine a scenario in which you need to put them on your TV. In the event that you have a Roku player, you’re set. Roku has propelled a Dropbox channel that gives you a chance to search your photographs and features on its set-tops, incorporating in slideshows. Yes, you now have a simple approach to recap your excursion on a larger screen without swinging to other cloud services. There are a few problem with this service though – TechCrunch takes note of that you can’t play long videos, so this won’t work in case you’re attempting to stream full-length motion pictures. Indeed, even along these lines, it’s a major help on the off chance that you’d rather not have everybody circle around your PC to see your pictures.

Dropbox Roku

This is going to be Dropbox’s first application for streaming media players, as before today, Dropbox just offered desktop customers and mobile applications, along with its web interface. Ideally, however, it’s the first of a few applications that bring Dropbox to the larger screen.

Wait, if you are thinking about watching your whole digital movie collection using Dropbox, sorry to disappoint you because it is not going to happen as of now.