Finally, the president of the United States at last has his own Facebook page, almost 6 months in the wake of joining Twitter.

President Obama finally has his own Facebook Page

Given that it just dispatched today, the page is really all around loaded. It makes full utilization of Facebook’s Timeline highlight to highlight his first and second term oaths, and additionally prior points of reference including his marriage to Michelle Obama.

In the interim, a post made today shows the president wandering around the White House’s lawn to address environmental change (he’s going to Paris in a couple of weeks for a summit on the theme). You can head on over to to look at it.

Beforehand, official announcements were given through the White House page, yet this new one ought to feel no less than more individual. Given the “potus” username, its presumable the page will be given over to the following president once he or she takes office, as will be the situation with the equal Twitter account.

Meanwhile, you can anticipate that Obama will appear significantly all the more regularly on your timeline, however this time with his own particular words (or possibly those of his online social media managers).