On the off chance that you are in the mood to develop an open source browser for Android, you can now do it utilizing the code from Chrome for Android.

Google said that they will not update Chrome on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) because it is almost four years old. In another announcement Google said that it released 24 versions of Chrome on ICS with Chrome 42 being the last one. Almost 5.9 percent of the devices are running on Ice Cream Sandwich according to Google’s developer statistics which can be a worry for many users. People using ICS on their devices should upgrade their phones to the latest version as soon as possible or they can still use the same operating system, but the bad thing is they will not be able to update Chrome on their devices.


As Venture Beat spotted, Google has transferred the majority of the remaining code into the open source Chromium repository.

The open-source program has a similar as that of Google Chrome and is mostly used for experimentation purposes along with other thing to find out new things.

Chromium was basically used for the development of desktop-only until now, but the team working on Chrome for Android made a promise in Reddit AMA last week that they will provide an open source platform soon for the development of Chrome for Android.

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On the top of that, Chrome for Android designer declared that “Chrome for Android is currently completely open-source” in another Reddit post.

The part implies that any Chromium Android browser you built utilizing the code ca exclude a modest bunch of media codecs and exclusive Google features. If you are interested in knowing more you can look here.