Not everybody who’s looking for a cell phone that costs $600. There are a great many individuals on the planet who would love telephones like Microsoft’s new Nokia 215.

Nokia 215

Its principle offering focuses are a low sticker value ($29) and long battery life (20 hours of talk time or 29 days on standby). The humble 215 games are genuinely large (for a feature phone) 2.4-inch, 320 x 240 resolution phone. That is a pixel thickness of 166ppi, generally what the iPhone 3G pressed six years prior. For a $29 telephone, that is not very shabby.

One of the best thing about 215 is its VGA cam. It’s a huge step regressive from the 3.2mp shooter that offered in the $20 Nokia 105 in 2013. The incorporation of a FM radio tuner and built-in LED spotlight may relax the blow for a few purchasers. It would appear that the last could prove to be useful when you are trying to find something in the dark.

Nokia 215

The only drawback is that you won’t find support for the new speedy network : it’s got a 2G GSM radio inside. On the upside, it has a Bluetooth, which means imparting substance from your gadget to other Nokia holders is as simple as knocking your telephones together.

Only on the grounds that the 215’s equipment may look somewhat dated doesn’t mean the product is unsophisticated. Facebook and Facebook Messenger come preloaded, as does the Opera Mini web program; Microsoft chose months prior that it boded well for disperse a contender’s program than it did to continue keeping up Nokia Express.

Nokia 215

Need to do some seeking? Obviously, Bing has been preinstalled to help you discover answers to your inquiries. With respect to extra applications the 215 comes with a Opera browser installed to make browsing easy.

While it focused at purchasers in developing markets, the Nokia 215 is likewise a fascinating telephone for people who may be searching for an optional gadget to go with… or who simply need something that can make calls and go more than two days without requiring a charge.