Another beta application Microsoft snip from the Windows 10 makers  expects to make taking screenshots on touch-empowered Windows 10 PCs much simpler.

Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Snip offers a simpler approach to take screenshots, clarify them and even add sound to them. Once you install it on your computer, the application glides at the highest point of the screen so you can rapidly take a screenshot of the entire screen or a specific part of the page, a photograph of your webcam or a drawing.

It’s touch-respondent so it’s less demanding to hit at than a desktop application and has full pen support so you can compose/draw straightforwardly on the screenshot.Microsoft Snip

In the past there was an application called ‘snipping Tool’ included with Windows, however this application is a major jump forward as it makes it much less demanding to share screenshots and rapidly explain them without the requirement for whatever other program. It’s very like Evernote’s Skitch application, yet much more touch-friendly.

It still has bugs in it, however it’s still an incredible change over what’s incorporated with Windows out of the box.