If you are in the mood to buy a super cheap smartphone you might want to check out this TracFone developed in partnership with LG.

LG sunshine

Today, Motherboard spotted a TracFone on WalMart’s site, created in association with LG, that has pushed the cost of an Android cell phone down to not exactly $10.

$10! That is probably less than the money you spent on your lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Obviously, a cell phone this cheap isn’t close to the latest stuff. It keeps running on Android KitKat — a few OS redesigns behind and a long way from the present Marshmallow — and will likely never have the capacity to update.

It has a 3.8″ touchscreen that is deficient with regards to any visual extravagant accessories. In any case, it has a (3 megapixel) camera and useful Bluetooth, so you can do cell phone things with it. Fit for 3G (however not LTE), the telephone has a 4GB microSD space that can be expandable, in case you feel like you need more storage space.

Right now, the telephone is sold out, but do check out the Walmart website once it is on sale again,  It’s not the prettiest, most exceptional or most secure telephone, however it is really cheap. In some cases that is all we need.