Smartwatches, as we know it usually have touchscreen presentation and it nourishes you notices and stuff. Really exhausting, isn’t that so? Lenovo feels the same way, so has come up with an idea of “Magic View” to show things doesn’t have to be like this. The issue Magic View illuminates is basic: the little display comes in all the watches. The answer? A little, second screen in the strap that at first seems corrective, until you hold it to your eye. When you do, you’ll see a picture the company says is 20 times bigger than the watch’s main display. Lenovo says it’s utilizing “optical reflection” to accomplish this, and that the second display can be utilized to look at  maps, looking “around” pictures (utilizing the accelerometer as a part of the watch we accumulate) and you can even look at videos  – if you be alright holding your wrist close to your eyes.



The model was on show at Lenovo’s Tech World show in Beijing, and exposes more than a passing likeness to a Moto 360 – scarcely amazing. Android Central says that the demo gadget was running an Android-based OS that was distinctive to both Wear and Google’s main mobile operating system. The second display may appear a bit goofy initially, yet Lenovo is likely pitching it as a security highlight, as well. Given that no one but you can see what’s on the second screen, it’s optimal for private viewing, or looking at notifications which you don’t want other people sitting next to you to look at.



The other interesting thing at the show was Lenovo’s smart shoes which can display your mood on the big screen. Well, not sure if that is a good idea but this world is full of crazy ideas. Also do let us know what you think about this watch.