According to the scientists in order for the children to learn and remember things for a long time they need to sleep for a long period of time with the day. The experiment conducted on the 12 months kids reveal that if a child after doing some work does not sleep for a long time they tend to forget things quickly.

sleep increases memeory
sleep increases memory

According to the research carried out in university of Sheffield the best way to learn and remember new things is right before you go to sleep. It is always a good practice to study at night.

The connection between Sleep and Memory

sleep increases memeory

Experts say that napping is very important during the early years of your life. Young people tend to sleep more that the old people. But still scientists haven’t still found the exact importance of sleeping during the early growth period.

Kids ranging from 6 to 12 months of age were put in to test by wearing hand puppets on their hand and teaching them a few games. After learning this game some kids slept within four hours while some slept for half of the time while other didn’t sleep at all.

The next day when kids were asked to repeat what they had learned the previous day only those were able to perform the task who slept for a longer period of time. From this we can assume that long sleep is necessary for remembering things for a longer period of time.


Talking to BBC doctor Jean Hobart said:

Those children who slept after learning the game were able to remember the game while those who did not sleep were not able to complete the task. From this we can see the importance of book reading to the children right before they sleep.

A few years back a research came through which enlightened the mechanism behind memory during sleep. According to this research during our sleep new connections are built within our brain.

So make sure your kid sleeps well !!!