Writing and article is an art and you cannot master this art unless you follow certain steps. Following certain steps will help you write a composite article. Many time we read a lot of article but we are not really sure what the person is trying to say and there is always ambiguity left in our mind. This can really hamper your reputation as an article writer. Well not to worry because I am going to tell to a few steps which will help you to write a better piece and possible will leave no doubt in the mind of your article reader if you follow these steps carefully.

Topic: How to write an article

Develop the main idea:

The foremost thing which an article writer should keep in mind while writing an article is the subject which he/she is going to write about. Just like a movie cannot be made without a central idea behind its story, you cannot write an article without developing the main idea. If your topic is broad you need to narrow so that I will give a proper meaning.
Now all you need to do is think of different things related to your topic and write them down it’s like preparing a rough draft. When you are done the whole picture will be clear to you and you will be in a better position to write a good article.

Knowing your audience:

The purpose of this step is to make sure that you know who you are writing for (e.g. students, professionals, children’s etc), so that you can specifically target your audience without beating around the bush. Now imagine that you are the reader of the article think of the questions which you did like to be answered, this will pretty much clear you mind about what you should write.

Do Research:

Before writing anything on any topic you need to make sure that you have a good knowledge about that particular topic. A good article mostly has quotes of well known people, definitions, references and all those stuff which will authenticate it in the best possible way. It is always a good to keep track of the things which you have done so always make a folder where you can keep your things and look them up when ever needed.

Start Article Write:

If you follow the above mentioned steps I am pretty sure that you will come up with a good article, an article will grab people towards it. Try to make your article as informative as possible so that people may find what they are looking for exactly in one place.

Revise your article:

Once you are done with your article it is always a good practice to revise your work and remove the mistakes which you have made. If someone is available make sure that you read your article to them and ask them about their opinion.

Use of multimedia:

Use different multimedia like videos, pictures to attract people towards your article and will the help of multimedia your article will present a clear picture to its readers.

That is pretty much it for a good article I am sure if you follow these guidelines no one will be able to deny your piece of work.