In terms of exchanging data from your android phone to PC or other portable device the most ordinarily utilized medium is Bluetooth or a USB link. Anyway suppose it is possible that the portable’s USB port is harmed and Bluetooth exchange rate is excessively slow.

File sharing

Imparting documents between your PC and phone with Wi-Fi is an alternate system, and there are numerous applications accessible for this assignment, in the wake of auditing a few applications I discovered two incredible ones as examined beneath.


File sharing

Airdroid is one of the most noteworthy evaluated applications in the business that gives you a chance to oversee and control your Android gadgets (telephones & tablets) from a work area web browser. The application can be both used to get and send documents remotely between your PC and Android gadget.

Airdroid additionally gives you a chance to effortlessly associate with content on your device. It connects to your contacts and messages, meaning that you can send a SMS or obtain contact data without physically getting to your telephone.

Aside from that, you can likewise see media documents on your gadget like photographs, music and videos, which all will stream over Wi-Fi for you to view or alter on your PC.

To use this app you need to follow the following steps:

Turn on your phone hotspot, and make a connection with that hotspot on PC.

Install and open Airdroid application, now you will see a web IP address on the application. Note it down as you’ll need that web location to join your Android gadget through your PC’s web browser.

Paste that link in your web browser and you need to accept the connection request on the mobile.

In the wake of associating effectively, the Airdroid site page will show on your web browser.

Presently you are prepared to transfer documents between your PC and your phone, simply click on file symbol and you can essentially transfer and download the documents with the pace of your Wi-Fi.



File Shring

EsFile explorer transforms your smartphone into a FTP server and can exchange the document with FTP.

  • To use this application you need to follow the following steps:
  • Download and Install EsFILE EXPLORE and open it.
  • Connect your PC with mobile HOTSPOT.
  • Go to option >remote manager and turn it on.
  • By now you would be able to see FTP server link
  • Paste it in your windows explorer location bar to excess all your files.