This is the tutorial to help; how to add dynamic content in Magento 2.x Bluefoot page/template. In this tutorial, follow these steps to add dynamic content in Magento Bluefoot page or templates.

1. Create Static Block

To access static block in BlueFoot template, create a static block in “CMS (Backend) -> Content (Side Bar) -> Content -> Blocks”. Add static block name and information. In static block body section, add block code to add dynamic/static content file i.e.

{{block class="VendorName\ModuleName\Block\Content" name="page-name" template="VendorName_ModuleName::content.phtml" }}

2. Call Static Block in Bluefoot Page or Template

After creating a static block, select a BlueFoot template (where you want to call static block) and select the “Other -> Static Block” section from the left slider then drag and drop the “Static Block section” to the required area. After dropping the static block section, all static blocks will be a list in the drop-down of “Static Block section”. Select your created static block and save. Now your BlueFoot template ready for work with dynamic content.

Run cache clean and flush commands

-> php bin/magento cache:clean
-> php bin/magento cache:flush

Finally, refresh the frontend page. Now you can see you require content in the BlueFoot template.

If you found any issue kindly comment. Regards