On the off chance that you were one of the individuals to sign up ahead of schedule for Google’s forthcoming cell service – Project Fi – you can now stay informed regarding your invites status in a better way.

Project Fi

Google revealed an online tool to its Project Fi sign-up page indicating when they will be able to hear back about when the services will start.

As per TechCrunch, a few clients are seeing 3-4 or 4-8 week timelines, yet others just see a message demonstrating Google is as yet deciding their status, with not a single exact time period in sight.

Project Fi

TechCrunch additionally took  note that the  invites don’t appear to be distributed on a rolling  basis; a portion of the individuals who joined on the first day still aren’t seeing the expected time, so it’s feasible Google is utilizing criteria like data coverage per area.

Google said that the invites would take off to everybody by mid-summer, yet that due date is quickly drawing closer, so we’d hope to hear all the more about Project Fi very soon.