If you are having a hard time figuring out where to place your solar panels for maximum output Google Maps are there to help you. Google Maps, has satellite, route and daylight information for each property on the planet, the best part is it let’s you know what number of beams hit your house on each day. That is the reason the firm is dispatching Sunroof, a database of how much sun powered vitality hits every building in a city, helping individuals work out in the event that it’s justified regardless of the exertion. Sunroof is planned as a “treasure map” for future environmentally friendly power vitality tasks, letting you know how quite a bit of a saving you’d make and to what extent it’d take to make back your beginning expense.

Google Maps makes it easy to install solar panel on houses

In the first place, Project Sunroof might be accessible in three areas: Boston, San Francisco and Fresno. On the off chance that all things considered to be effective, in any case, then Google will move the administration out to whatever is left of the nation and, potentially, the world. Once you’ve put in your location, you’ll be advised the amount you’re liable to spare in energy expenses, and afterward be placed in contact with a local installer.

The service was tested by Engadget on Aol’s building in San Francisco, and it let them know that they got 1,840 hours of usable daylight every year. They also discovered that they have approximately 15,641 square feet of accessible space that they could use to introduce solar panels. It then took them through thier choices, telling them that they did spare $14,000 in the event that they rented the equipment, or $24,000 on the off chance that they purchased them inside and out. Along these lines, in case you’re in one of these three ranges, why not share the amount Google supposes you’re prone to spare and on the off chance that that’ll incite you into joining.