There are an abundance of ways for children to learn software engineering and programming nowadays. Add to the blend: Google’s own CS First educational module, a free program with an collection of subjects for a wide range of kids’ learning.

cs first


CS First isn’t new (the project began a year ago), however as a program that is implied for instructors and group volunteers to structure software engineering clubs for children ages 9 to 14, you may not have found out about it.

Google CS First


Lesson topics incorporate Music & Sound (make a music feature and construct an intelligent music showcase), Fashion & Design (assemble design themed applications), Storytelling (make intuitive stories), Game Design (code an amusement), etc.

Google CS First


The greater part of the materials (features, programming in Scratch, and lesson arrangements) are openly accessible on the web, so folks whether self-teaching or not—and kids with a great deal of activity can look at the lessons themselves. On the other hand, exceeding all expectations even further, begin a club in your surrounding.