For the first time Google has launched a project which gives you the freedom to browse through your favorite websites without Ads being displayed on them. The service is known as Contributor has a price tag of 1 to 3 dollars per month to let you see ads free websites.

contributor by google launched
contributor by google launched

The idea behind this project is to directly fund the website you visit or like the most. In this way you will enjoy your browsing Ads free and the creator of the site will still make money which previously was being earned by the Ads.

Whenever you visit a participating website, some part of your contribution will go to the creator of that website. The part where you normally see an Ad will be accomplished by a pixel pattern. In some cases you might even see a thank you message.

In order to test this service Contributor is working with Science Daily and Urban Dictionary. The other websites include Wikipedia, Mashable and Imgur. People who are interested to use this service can send request through applications.

In today’s world most of the websites run on the money they make money from the Ads. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could directly contribute to the website which gives you tons of information. Money earned from Contributor will be shared between Google and the website which you visit.

People will avail this service through their Google account to see the websites Ads free.

According Howard Kingston online Ads need a new identity he said:

Some people just hate ads but due to some new models people will change their ways of advertisements. Websites like Wall Street Journal and Times are already charging money for their services through subscriptions but these sites still run Ads.

A similar service like Contributor started back in 2012 but was shut down.