A long time of dedication has finished to this: The consumer variant of the Oculus Rift will be accessible for pre-request January 6 at 8am PST on the Oculus site.

Oculus Rift

For those energetic to hop on the VR fleeting trend, pre-requesting the Rift has a few advantages: along with getting Oculus Studios amusement ‘Lucky’s Tale’ (which is incorporated with each Rift buy), preorders will likewise get CCP Games’ ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ set in the universe of prevalent intergalactic MMO ‘EVE Online.’

Tragically, Oculus still won’t say how much the Rift will cost. This implies customers may conceivably have some sticker stun when they noise to get their hands on one not long from now.

Moreover, the framework’s restrictive controller, the Oculus Touch, won’t be accessible until the second half of 2016 because of postponements. So you may need to temper your desires regarding what you’ll have the capacity to do with your gadget right out of the door.

Maybe a Reddit AMA with Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey, which will happen on the night of pre-request, will do its part to feed the flames of those willing to buy the first purchaser model of the Rift.

There are still a lot of question marks, yet it appears the fate of VR is well on its way.