Since last year, Facebook has been working with a number of public schools to help enhance the product they use to check the progress of students (PLP). Now, the software will be made available for free across the US.


Facebook said its committed group partnered  with Summit Public Schools — a non-profit body whose schools rank among the best in California — to reconstruct their Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) programming for observing students’ progress and help them to reach their goals.

Summit alters coursework for each student taking into account their objectives and paces as per their capacities. The methodology is by all accounts working — all Summit graduates are acknowledged to no less than one four-year College or university.


It additionally illuminates instructors’ day by day input for every understudy and permits parents to track their children advancement whenever they want to. Shockingly, Facebook accounts aren’t mandatory to use the application.

Summit tested the application in the year 2014. This year, Facebook will be working with Summit schools to enhance the software and eventually make it available across the US for free.