Facebook has recently launched its Lite application for Android clients in India and the Philippines. It’s intended to give good social experience for people who have slower internet.

Facebook Lite

The application has been in the testing phase since January in different developing markets, and was soft-launched recently in chosen nations. According to Facebook it has 114 million active users in India.

Facebook says its Lite application is much faster than the other version of the Facebook application. This version is more suitable for phones that are running on 2G networks. It is fast for the fact its servers bear all the burden of optimizing content.

Facebook Lite

The application weight is only 430 KB, making for a brisk download. It incorporates push notices, messaging and promotions, however doesn’t have support for video for the time being.

The interface is also good and offers smart performance no matter how you look at it. For somebody like me who’s not a regular Facebook user, it does a great job for me since it does not slow my net.

Facebook says it will reveal the application in different markets over the coming weeks.