Surprise surprise! WhatsApp, a standout amongst the most prominent messaging apps on the planet, now utilizes end-to-end encryption on each gadget and for each message, whether it’s voice, text, photograph, video, gathering or one-on-one. Open Whisper Systems, an association that plans to progress secure correspondence innovation, worked with WhatsApp over the previous year to execute a full-scope encryption framework. Today, WhatsApp clients will see in their discussion screens as their messages get to be secure.

The news comes amid a strained time for encryption talk. A standoff in the middle of Apple and the FBI failed out days prior when the authority declared it didn’t need Apple’s help to unlock the iPhone 5c utilized by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple battled for a considerable length of time for encryption; CEO Tim Cook called the FBI’s interest to open the protected iPhone illegal. The FBI, thusly, called Apple’s talk destructive.

Presently, the second-most well known messaging application on the planet is secured by a comparable type of end-to-end encryption.

“While we perceive the essential work of law implementation in keeping individuals safe, endeavors to debilitate encryption hazard presenting individuals’ data to mishandle from cybercriminals, programmers, and maverick states,” WhatsApp composes. We’ve connected with the FBI for input on today’s declaration.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion, to a great extent to exploit its 450 million or more userbase. Today, more than 1 billion individuals use WhatsApp over the globe. Furthermore, now, they all utilization end-to-end encryption.

The WhatsApp group has been gradually taking off security administrations since November 2014 at any rate, when it reported end-to-end encryption for instant messages on Android. It’s conceivable that terrorists utilized WhatsApp and another encoded informing administration, Telegram, to arrange the destructive assaults on Paris in December.

“Building secure items really makes for a more secure world, (however) numerous individuals in law requirement may not concur with that,” WhatsApp prime supporter Brian Acton tells Wired. He includes that protected interchanges permit individuals to securely get to be informants, or chat with specialists or business accomplices without the apprehension of busybodies.