Another Disney Research venture can make coloring books all the more energizing for those of us with restricted art abilities. The group has fabricated an intuitive Android and iOS coloring book application utilizing the Unity game engine that can take a hued drawing and transform it into an increased reality object on screen – and, yes, as should be obvious above, it will retain the first work of art’s composition. Truth be told, the application can create parts of the article in the same composition regardless of the possibility that you just shaded a 2D picture. For instance, in the event that you fill in the front-facing line drawing of the elephant as above, the application will show you a rear side that just looks like the front you just colored. It’s most likely not perfect, but rather it lives up to expectations.

colored drawings into 3D characters


The application does that by duplicating pixels from your piece and adjusting them for utilization on the object’s different locales. It likewise changes your drawing into a 3D object progressively, so you can really watch it getting colored on screen. Hopefully the designers will grow the application’s abilities in time – it could, for example, utilize the characters in interactive games. Tragically, you can’t download the application or purchase the coloring book for the time being, yet you can read more about the study on the lab’s site.