Welcome to our March 2016 round-up of the best new Android games that you will enjoy playing. This month we have a biggy, another one from Supercell, the engineers behind Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, and we have one from a much little designer, yet the amusement is gigantic in its nervousness affecting fun.

Clash Royale

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The most recent offering from Supercell has been given a tremendous publicizing push and is ensured to in top 10 in Google play Store for the months to come. Clash Royale is a mix of multiplayer online fight stadium (MOBA), (RTS) and collectible card games (CCG). The way it blends these components is deftly successful, in the way just such a tremendous and settled developers could accomplish.

Without a doubt, it’s significantly more streamlined than different RTSs or CCGs, and this is done to make it more congenial, yet it never feels minor. It additionally holds the tribe component, permitting players to unite as one to share cards, and along these lines pick up experience.

Be careful, as ever, the freemium. The game utilizes time-bolted moves up to urge you to make buys, yet in the event that you’re tolerant, you can simply endure it.

Color Switch

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Color Switch may be the most prominent amusement game on Android at this moment and on the off chance that you play it you’ll instantly see why. You tap the screen to skip a ball upwards through a progression of impediments. Each of these obstructions is comprised of four colors, and your bouncing ball will just go through it in the event that it is the same shading. The precarious part is that the impediment is likewise moving. Every time the ball passes, it changes shading and faces another moving problem.

It sounds more troublesome in principle than it is practically speaking: it plays like a minutely more nuanced Flappy Bird. The key contrast is that, dissimilar to Flappy Bird, you advance at your own particular pace: it’s conceivable to keep the ball high up without really traveling through the following objective. You are compelled to be patient and sit tight for the right minute, before pushing through the following objective. Hurrying ahead consistently brings about an early death – and it’s an agonizing knowledge.

Alto’s Adventure

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Alto’s Adventure is a side-looking over snowboard game with one of the best soundtracks of any Android title and mind boggling craftsmanship: it appears like the Material Design-esque style was made for Android. Go down mountains gathering coins and making bounced to support your pace, yet be mindful so as not to collide with anything or neglect to finish a hop.It’s a captivating, and regularly reflective title, and its utilization of light and dull truly intensifies the air. Best of all, Android fans won’t need to pay the US$2.99 value that iOS clients do: it’s starting totally free.


Android games

Downwell   is one of my most loved game of 2015. It was initially discharged on PC and iOS however you can now appreciate it on Android, and it’s as delightful as ever.

Downwell is played in picture orientation: you fall through the slender screen impacting enemies and picking up things as you go. It has the greater part of the cool things you could request from a diversion: Gunboots? Check. ZX Spectrum-style design? Check. Deadly jellyfish? Check. In any case, it’s not only the exact controls and magnificent adversary plan that makes Downwell marvelous, it’s the consistent choice making it drives you to embrace.

Your gunboot ammunition is restricted, yet can be renew in the event that you arrive on an object or enemy. The issue is that a few enemy cause harm when you arrive on them. This drives you to play strategy, hazard and compensate off against each other verging on consistently. Downwell is magnificently troublesome and inconceivably compensating, and it’s one of those uncommon games that has the majority of the right parts, and they are all created so reliably. Truly, don’t miss this.

There are a lot of tap-to-buoy games out there, yet it’s generally cool to see something include a little twist, and Fading Light does only that. You explore a sparkling block through progressively troublesome systems of passages as your light source gradually melts away. Along the way, you need to hit top ups to restock your light fuel and afterward proceed looking for the labyrinth’s end.

Hope you enjoy playing these games.