Search Engine Optimization is one of the popular subject for your website. Most of the people start Search Engine Optimization after web development and launching. There are big amount of people which they start SEO when users do not come to their websites. They want start to find holes and recover them.

In this article, I tried my best to cover basic SEO Holes which people want to cover when they have launched their website(s) and want to get more visitors. I want to introduce very basic SEO Techniques which they will help to cover basic issues.

I want to introduct you five basic seo techniques.

1) Title and Headlines

Title of a web page appears in top of the website tab and search engine result. Title tag defines in the <head> tag. Title should be optimized and not more than 70 characters (Spaces Included).

<H1> Tag Heading is very important in the web page. Minimum one <H1> Heading tag should define in the web page. It tells the people and search engine what kind of data they are searching. If you do not want to appear <H1> Headline tag then you can use CSS Style or Class to make it display none i.e. style=”display: none”

2) Meta Description

Meta description describe in the meta tag. It defines in the <head> tag. It should not more than 150 characters (spaces included). When we search result from search engine than two kinds of information shown in the searched result. One is page title and second is meta description.

3) Images and Links

Sites link should be linked to the proper url. It is called outbound links. It tells to searching engines where from this valuable and relevant link found. If you don’t link your reference/described urls then you can not get outbound links. Outbound links always make value of your page.

You must have to give all relevant information of posted image(s). Alt attribute of image tag should be define and image relevant information should add in the alt attribute. One thing you have to remember that search engines can not read image and video data. If you want to make your multimedia meaningful than you have to give caption and describe to your posted multimedia.

4) Robots

Robots.txt file do not block major from crawling website pages. It can make helpful to appear your pages of maximum search engine results. For the best practice, minimum you have to create an empty Robots.txt file on your root folder.

5) Canonical Url

You should define one url of your website i.e. and are two different urls.  For good practice, you have to choose one url of your website and if other url selected than you have to redirect to 301 page.

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques For Beginners
Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques For Beginners

I am sure, you will like this article and share with your friend. My next SEO will be related to Advance SEO Techniques. I will wait for your feedback.