Apple’s forthcoming mobile platform evidently accompanies another application called “Move to iOS” that wirelessly exchanges information from Android gadgets to iPhones and iPads.

ioS 9


Even though Apple did not announced it during the company WWDC keynote prior, yet Daring Fireball was able to find it covered underneath all the new elements on the iOS 9 review page. Even though the page did not gave a lot of details of the App, yet “Move to iOS” will probably be accessible on the Play Store, so you can download it on an Android gadget – right by Apple’s other forthcoming Android application – to empower remote exchange.

iOS 9


Apple says the procedure can safely copy over “your contacts, message history, camera photographs and features, web bookmarks, mail records, schedules, wallpaper, and all the song you love to listen plus the books which you have in your phone”. It also marks your free applications like Facebook as recommended downloads in the App Store, adds paid ones to your iTunes Wish List and “supportively” proposes reusing that old Android telephone. It is still undecided when the application’s Android part will hit Google’s play store, however you may have the capacity to check the iOS 9 as soon as July the off chance that you sign up for open beta access.