Apple music streaming service has already got 11 million users on trial just after 5 weeks of its launch. This is something which Apple is proud of as the announcement came today. Apple has also assured that 2 million people have already signed up for the family plan, which gives you access to more than 6 accounts at a discounted rates.

Apple Music

These are some impressive figures given the fact Apple Music was launched recently. But, all these iPhone users are enjoying their music for free since Apple gives a 3 month free trail account. It will be very interesting to see how many of them turn into paying customers.

Apple Music main competitor Spotify, has about 70 million active users out of which 20 million are paying customers and it took Spotify 7 years to make that much of customers. Pandora is another music streaming service which has about 80 million users.

Apple Music

The stats are very impressive so far for Apple and if it keeps growing with the same pace and can quickly get past its competitors.

Right now it does not have any advertising on iOS- for now you have to open the Music App to be offered a trail, so if it start sending push notification or asking new users to sign up in the future can push growth much further.

“We think we have hit a nerve,” says Iovine. “This isn’t just about providing access to music, this is about building a community. From the artist-community side, I’m hearing a sigh of relief, that now finally they have tools they can use to access their fans. To Apple’s credit, they move like lightning. You get what you give.”

The cost of this music service would be $9.99 a month for individuals to have access to more than 30 million songs as well as live radio station.