Did you have that iOS 9 security issue that permits somebody to sidestep the iPhone lock screen utilizing Siri and access your contacts and photographs? What’s more, how a few people suspected that it wasn’t genuine? All things considered, Apple beyond any doubt did, as the most recent iOS 9.0.2 upgrade incorporates a fix for the issue. Apple said that in light of the security gap, “a man with physical access to an iOS gadget may have the capacity to get to photographs and contacts from the lock screen.” It tended to the issue by “limiting alternatives on the locked gadget,” which means clients will never again have the capacity to misuse Siri to get to those zones.



With iOS 9.0.2, Apple additionally squashed iCloud reinforcement issues, iMessage activation issues and a bug with portable information settings. At long last, it altered a screen pivot issue and enhanced the security of Podcasts. Need the upgrade now? Try not to stress, you ought to get a warning that it’s accessible on the off chance that you haven’t as of now.