And the wait is over! Microsoft has announced its new operating system and much for the surprise it’s not window 8.1 or 9 but they have named it window 10. This window comes with the handful of new features which hopefully people will really enjoy. You will find the following new six features inside window 10. The best thing about window 10 is that rather than having different type of version for different device it has a single version for all the devices .Window 10 will automatically adjust according to the size of the device screen.

Microsoft windows10 image
Microsoft windows10 image

Features of Windows 10:

Everything will run in a window

Applications from Windows store will open in the same way as desktop application do and in the same way it can be moved around resized and have tile bars at the top with the option to maximize, minimize and close.

Multiple Desktops

This amazing feature allows you to create different desktop for projects and you can switch between them easily and start where you left off in each desktop. Sound great isn’t it?

New task view button

This button on the task-bar allows you to have an easy access to all the applications which are open and also for the desktops you have created.

Finding files faster

With window 10 you will be able to find files faster since file explore displays your recent files making the job much easier.

Snap enhancements

Window 10 allows you to have 4 apps snapped on the same screen thanks to its new layout. It also shows other apps and programs for additional snapping and even gives smart suggestions to fill all the space.

Start menu

The good news for all those people who loved start menu is that it’s back in window 10 but in a new customizable space where you can place your favorite apps and tiles.

Window 10 will be beneficial for all sorts of Smart phones, tablets, personal computers, Xbox and all sorts of consoles. For the first time you will be able to download this operating system directly from the internet.

With the help of window 10 will be able to check you new emails, Facebook messenger, weather and all the notifications related to these application instantly.

Microsoft Windows 10 wide screen
Microsoft Windows 10 wide screen


David Johnson of Forester Company keeps a close eye on Microsoft.  According to him it is very important that Microsoft keeps window 10 bug free. Out of 5 companies only 1 company employee use window 8. While window 7 is still the standard for all those companies which use desktop. He said that Microsoft have alternative in shape of window 10 for all those people who are related to technology. According to him start menu will play an important role in the promotion of window 10 and many people will like it. BBC correspondent Richard who keeps a close eye on technology says that the success of window 10 all depends on its performance but it’s good to know that Microsoft is actually listening to the demands of its users.

Download and Installation of Windows 10 in five steps:

1. Login to
2. Read system requirements
3. Download windows 10 in ISO form (, start download without registration/signup)
4. Copy the downloaded file into ISO to DVD or USB Flash Drive (using Rufus and Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool)
5. Double click on Setup.EXE file or boot from the installation media and follow the steps


Hope you will enjoy the new features!!