Google gets tons of criticism for what it does with our information. Even though I love a lot of google products but that does not mean I am not worried about my privacy.

What’s more, I am not alone there are many people who will exactly want to know how Google is using the data they have provided.

Google about me


To review this unevenness to some degree, Google has dispatched a new tool called ‘About me‘ that gives you a chance to see what information the organization is hanging on you and what other individuals can see. You can then include or delete data according to your requirements, to a limited degree.

For instance, you can’t change your first name or erase your birthday, however you can clear your surname or change your birthday details, in the event that you’d like.

Google says that any progressions you make will be reflected over the majority of its services, so the About Me page should go about as a center for your public-facing information.

There’s an option that gives you a chance to see your data as an unknown individual from people in general as well, however it isn’t yet live.