Learning a language that is not your mother tongue or a second language can be quite difficult but with the help of these few tips below you will be able to learn English more quickly and in a much better way.

English language

Learn and become aware

After learning the rules of English, you need to become aware of the mistakes that you make while speaking or writing.

Keep a sorted out list of your revisions that have originated from being observed by different speakers, ideally good English speakers. On the off chance that you don’t have a local English speaker to correct you, simply take some online course

When you get to be mindful of the mistakes you make, only then you can correct them. Clearly, if you don’t know the mistakes you are making, you cannot correct them.


Write down the mistakes you make whenever you are corrected. Always try to keep a monitoring list with you.

Always update your list, and keep it composed. This is of great value, on the grounds that the blunders that you make are normally not arbitrary slip-ups that originate from “a tongue’s slip”. Most errors are part of mistakes that you make again and again.

Correct Yourself

With practice, you can build up the basic propensity for self-correction. Be so mindful and tuned in to the hints of English that you can see and hear your own mistakes. This capacity to self-correct can just originate from the above strides of observing and being aware all the time.

Talk to yourself out loud

Talking with yourself loud will help you what to think in English rather than translating English from your local language. Get in the propensity for talking frankly without the stress of being heard or criticized.

Play with the sounds and record the thoughts you need to express, however don’t know how to. You can ask these question from a native speaker or you can post on different websites that teach English like ElementalEnglish.com.

Listen and Read a lot

The best and most important steps for learning English is making sure that you read and listen to a lot of English in the form of shows, podcasts, television, radio and movies.